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These yoga classes are suitable for people in normal health and will consist mainly of standing, seated and relaxation postures. Iyengar Yoga is progressive so that you learn to stretch and to increase your stamina in basic postures before you progress to the complicated poses. It is precise so that you can learn to stretch more safely and gain mental discipline through increased physical understanding and control. Yoga should be practised on an empty stomach so do not eat or drink at least two hours before the class.

These Public general classes are not suitable for certain medical conditions: heart problems (including hypertension), epilepsy (including petit-mal), cancer or benign tumours, diabetes, menieres disease, detached retina, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, M.E., recent post-operative conditions, pregnancy (classes with Sallie). The conditions listed above, although not suitable for attending regular classes, may benefit from an individual therapeutic programme. For details of indivual theraputic classes please contact Sallie Sullivan, Jane Fraser, Jen Henwood or Simon Edwardson directly.