Brighton and Hove Yoga

Brighton and Hove yoga is the local community of Iyengar Yoga teachers and is the place to visit to find your yoga class. This site is here to provide you with information about local Brighton and Hove yoga teachers and their local Brighton and Hove yoga classes / class.

"Pains that have yet to come, can be and should be avoided" Sage Patanjali

Yoga dates back several thousand years originating in the Indian sub-continent and means to unite or to bind. In a yoga class students mainly study one of the eight parts of yoga called asana or postures.

The yoga postures promote good health in both body and mind. Although the body gains strength and flexibility through the practice of the postures, both the body and the mind are refreshed rather than left feeling exhausted.

All of the teachers listed on this site are current certified Iyengar yoga teachers, have thus undergone rigorous training and assessment and hold full teaching insurance through IYA (UK).

For more details about Iyengar yoga certification please follow the link to the Iyengar Yoga Association. For details of our Sussex institute follow this link Institute for Iyengar Yoga in Sussex.